It’s Time for a Change, for the Better…

Hello all fellow travelers, campers, and makers who love the wilderness! 

It’s time for a serious re-tooling of this blog and focusing on the important things in life.  In the coming days and weeks many posts and pages will change, some will vanish forever (they are rubbish), or (hopefully) be improved upon.  Your constructive feedback is greatly appreciated and I look forward to reading it.  It can be shared or not as you choose so feel free to ask or comment away in the space below.  This isn’t a commercial page so I don’t really profit from it and thus, it often falls by the wayside in the rush of daily life.  However, I enjoy the writing and rambling and have made many great connections over the years that I’ve done this so I’m in for another round of adventures, projects, and philosophy as we cross into the new season.

I hope you enjoy!




About George Crawford

archaeologist, archer, primitive technologist, and wannabee musician ... mostly
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6 Responses to It’s Time for a Change, for the Better…

  1. Bob McKeand says:

    Great to see you are rising from the ashes.
    The only feedback you will get from me: MORE
    Link to a great photo, I keep seeing Paleotool hisself in this: This tumblr is NSFW.

    Peace, Bob

  2. Jake Levi says:

    Looking to more of it, I keep them all.

  3. Robert August says:

    I enjoy your posts, especially the ones dealing with tools and making (look forward to more on the varso, fondly remember the portable workbench. Would like to see more like these) also enjoy he philosophical posts/quotes, helps me slow down and think a minute. Thanks for what you’ve done already.

  4. Please keep the good stuff coming, George! When I get a hankering to see original, lost skills, I head your way. Looking forward to seeing more from you.

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