Steppingstone Farm Museum: If Roy Had a Museum, This Might Be It.

Awesome tools of the old trades. If you want to jump straight to the photos go here:
or scroll down to read the article.

The Furniture Record

I first heard about the Steppingstone Farm Museum from Shannon Rogers (of The Renaissance Woodworker) on a Woodtalk Online podcast. I learned more when we worked at adjacent benches at the Woodwright’s School taking Elia Bizzarri’sContinuous Arm Rocker class. (I think I just set a new record for links per paragraph.)

A few weeks back, we were visiting some friends in Baltimore for a few days and were looking for a day trip to take with them and their kids and their kids. I suggested we visit the Steppingstone Farm Museum. It is located in Havre de Grace, MD, about an hour north of Baltimore on I-95. Much to my surprise, all agreed and we went.

To steal from their description:

Steppingstone museum is a private, not for profit museum which preserves and demonstrates the rural arts and crafts of the 1880-1920 period in Harford County. The…

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