Sawing Planks

Sawing Planks by hand and eye in Japan ca. 1870.

Before powered saw mills, making lumber was much more labor intensive.  Now I can flip a switch to crank up the band saw or table saw; or pull the cord to fire up the chainsaw for big work.  It’s easy to forget how good we have it.  Notice the sturdy little sawhorse holding up the trunk.  I suspect this was hot and hard work.

There is much more about this stereo image here.

2 thoughts on “Sawing Planks

  1. Of all the pit and other “hand milling” I have done…大鋸 (Oga-big) family of saws are the most brilliant in my view…

    Oga-Biki or “big saw” Sawmilling is my favorite and probably the most simplistic of methods found anywhere in the world…前挽大鋸 (maebikioga-“before minced large saw”) and the work of the 木挽 (kobiki-sawyer) can still be found today there, though a much rarer craft today, but with many upcoming enthusiasts.

    Great that you shared this!!

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