Flat & Level & Square

A simple tool we take for granted. I too, seem to use one in virtually every project.



While I’m reluctant to disagree with the amazing Uma Thurman, getting anything from a table to a picture frame or even a ginormous BBQ grill you put together to sit flat and square takes some attention to detail followed by checking then rechecking your work, especially when welding as heat distortion is a big factor (and pain in the butt). So how do we make sure our stuff is square and our right angles are truly 90 degrees? Are there tricks that can help square large projects? Why am I asking so many rhetorical questions.

I started off writing up tutorials on different type of squares and similar tools and I made a diagram and a bunch of other stuff then I realized that a video would probably be way more helpful for most people, including myself. So, I went on a YouTube information gathering mission and in the process I…

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