Travel In Your Home

Love it. What a cool design.



The French inventor, Loubet, who holds a record number of patents on practical sporting and traveling equipment, has recently demonstrated the latest of his constructions for the benefit of people who like to travel and take their homes with them.

Built along airplane construction principles, on the chassis of a light auto truck, the frame is very light, containing thousands of small pieces of wood glued and nailed together, then covered with panelling, canvas and paint. The home is streamlined and houses four persons easily with all accommodations. The car is 24 feet long and weighs about 3,500 lbs. At the top of the page is a general view of the car home; on its top is a canoe (full size), which is easily removed for use.

The photo at the left of the page was taken from the kitchen; in the center, where the men are sitting, are two…

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