Just a note to those wishing to replicate some of the projects here…

I am working up some projects for the Instructables library and hope to continue this.  I find it to be a wonderful site and you can really find almost anything there.  I encourage Makers to post their stuff there as well as it is a great way to pass on knowledge.

My recent Instructables are an 18th Century Possibles or Shooting Bag:

and an overview of the rucksack with the layout sketches included:

Visit Instructables to learn more about making, fixing, hacking, or deconstructing just about anything you can imagine:

Instructables: share what you make

4 thoughts on “Instructables

  1. Great Job! I may have to make this. I have been dabbling in shoe making but thought about making a bag or tow and have not found one that jumped out until this one. I’ll have to order some extra leather and see what I can do. I’ll probably machine sew over hand sewing but that’s it.

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