Revisiting the Enchanted Bike Wagon

I have mentioned this unique little wagon before but it is worth revisiting as a near perfect mini traveller’s wagon.  Günther Lorenz, a maker from Bayern designed and built this bike-towed caravan without a plan or significant financial outlay.

It makes me happy to know that this was built, fueled by beer and a dream, in three weeks worth of evenings.  It weighs in at 55 kilograms empty (120 pounds) so it isn’t exactly light-weight but provides the comforts of a dry bedroom while on the road.

0035The body is 2 meters long by 1.04 meters wide (79 by 41 inches).  The frame is constructed from 20 mm square steel tubing welded together and the 5 bows are made from 8 mm tubing covered with garden hose.  The whole thing runs on 28″ wheels.

0008If you’re looking to build something like this, head over to Günther’s web page for a more complete photo-set.  They’re thumbnailed on his page but can be downloaded and viewed at higher resolution.


Click the image to view the rest of the images.  His website is in German but the photos speak for themselves. 


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