I had a friend shoot a few pictures of the rucksack in action.  My only regret is that it could be slightly bigger.  But then again, I’d just fill it with more stuff.

Ruck4It should last a lifetime and beyond.

Ruck1Not exactly dressed up here.  I’m wearing the old caulking and painting shorts.

Ruck2If I remember correctly, the combined volume is about 2375 cubic inches (about 39 litres).





About George Crawford

archaeologist, archer, primitive technologist, and wannabee musician ... mostly
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8 Responses to Rucksack

  1. Ianto says:

    Absolutely beautiful bit of craftsmanship. I’m VERY envious!!! I want one!!!

  2. Lois says:

    Nice rucksack! It’s a work of art – a very functional work of art. Thanks for sharing the pics.

  3. Silvio Silva says:

    It’s perfect. Could you post how to make them ,step by step?

    • Paleotool says:

      Sorry, can’t really do it for this one. Too much time for a full on tutorial and I didn’t photodocument the process for teaching. It is surprising how much energy and planning this takes. However, I have put up sketches and dimensions on Instructibles and that should be enough for a moderately experienced leather or cloth worker to be able to make the rucksack. Check it out here:

      Hope this helps a little!


  5. Will you post the instructions online? How much fid it cost to make? Could you make one for me?

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