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…We mention these things that parents may not be disappointed, or expect more from the occupation of a garden than it can at a very early age afford. A garden is an excellent resource for children, but they should have a variety of other occupations: rainy days, and frost and snow will come, and then children must be occupied within doors.

We immediately think of a little set of carpenter’s tools, to supply them with active amusement. Boys will probably be more inclined to attempt making models than drawings of the furniture which appears to be the most easy to imitate; they will imagine, that if they had but tools, they could make boxes, and desks, and beds, and chests of drawers, and tables, and chairs innumerable. But, alas! these fond hopes are too soon dissipated.

Suppose a boy of seven years old to be provided with a small set…

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8 thoughts on “Active Amusement

  1. Hi there we have been following your blog and love what you post, we have a beautiful old carpentry book we thought you would love it’s all about round carpentry, but would need a snail mail address?
    Let us know if interstes

      1. Sorry have a big ocean to cross, but think you would like this book nice to show ones appreciation beyond pressing a little “like” button sometimes. Keep up the good work.

      2. Just received the book “Circular Work in Carpentry and Joinery”. Thank you very much! It is a great addition to the woodworking library and one I have never seen before. It means a lot to me.

  2. Love your blog, but had to laugh at the suggestion of giving little boys their own set of carpentry tools. My brothers (identical twins) got a carpentry set each for Christmas when they were six. While all the women were busy with dinner preparations and all the men sat around and talked (and probably consumed a good deal of Jack Daniels) my brothers sawed the legs off the dining room table, carried them under the porch and made a fire. We lived in the “Sowth” where spring floods were common so the house was on stilts, and our older sister discovered the rascals before they burnt the house down. But when giving a small boy a set of working carpentry tools it’s probably best to supervise them to some degree, ere they remodel the house. 😀

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