Huarache Work in Progress


Weaving Huaraches

One of my latest projects is currently developing a line of Huarache footwear in deepest Mexico. Specifically in the state of Michoacan.

A small factory I’m also drawing the patterns, cutting and weaving most of the pull-overs myself..including those for the new last development. Its a little more time consuming that I had wished, but its also providing me with a better insight into the process and the difficulty of the various steps required to make the product I’m designing.

Experiencing the entire process first hand in the factory, you can also begin to realize that environmentally friendly design also includes the factory working conditions which are simply another environment that you design affects.  I’m noticing that the health and stress of factory employees can also determined by the construction process and materials (also) chosen by the designer.

Besides the fascinating sequential, almost algorithmic nature of woven Huarache footwear, I’ve…

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2 thoughts on “Huarache Work in Progress

  1. Thank for your continued support! The speed and workload is starting to pick up..feels like this gentle mountain stream will soon become a bubbling whitewater rapid..I guess that’s also where the fun begins.

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