Definitely 38” High

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The title above is a joke about workbench height. I think workbenches can be almost any height – even 38” – depending on what you are doing at the bench and your tool set.

Here’s a confession: My back sucks. My dad’s back isn’t so good, either. But one of the most important and vibrant memories from my childhood is of my father. He was confined to bed so his back would heal, but yet he built, painted and finished an end table while in bed. That table is one of my most prized possessions.

In other words, don’t let your back alone dictate your work. You can work while flat on your back if necessary.

I like a low-ish workbench (28” to 34”). I find that it makes planing easier. When sawing, I use a Moxon/Felebien vise to raise the work to a comfortable level (a 17th-century trick). And…

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3 thoughts on “Definitely 38” High

  1. I think the height of the bench is in direct relation to your height and if you need to stand next to it or be leaning down on it for the project….pretty impressive about your dad, Im sure the project kept his spirits up!

  2. For me, it has come down to this.Try out and measure a lot of benches. Even rough up a bench and try different tasks. Get a beat up solid core door. Cobble up a Moxon’s double bench screw Tools for Working Wood sells a pair of holdfasts for under $40. The double bench screw will raise the work above the bench so lower the door.

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