Ural, Motorcycles For Specially Interested


About George Crawford

archaeologist, archer, primitive technologist, and wannabee musician ... mostly
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4 Responses to Ural, Motorcycles For Specially Interested

  1. Anglo says:

    This blog is such a black hole , I loose time ( never less than hours ) everytime I come here !
    This post on the Ural motorcycle reminded me of this : http://englishrussia.com/2014/12/26/russian-legendary-bikes-ural/#more-155536.
    I hope you can afford as much time as I have lost here ;-P

    • Paleotool says:

      I think I’m glad to hear it! It is a pit of lost time for me too but a fun place to think and write. Thanks for the cool link. I’m afraid if I lived near a Ural dealer I would have to find a way to buy one.

  2. anglo says:

    We have a Canadian dealer for the Urals , would it be I threat if I posted it?

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