Leather Carry-All

Here’s a recently finished commissioned work.  It’s an open-top carry-all in 8 oz. oak-tanned leather with nickel furniture.  The bag as a snap closure on the top and a snap closing security pocket for wallet, phone, keys, etc.  Overall dimensions are 16 x 12 x 5″ (41 x 30 x 12.5 cm) for about 15 litres of volume.

DSC_0059The new owner wanted simplicity in a general purpose shoulder bag that would stand up on it’s own.  After some mock ups we arrived at the desired dimensions and specific features for the bag which include a removable shoulder strap for travel and a secure external pocket.

DSC_0063There is an open top pocket on one end for pens, small notebook, or power cable.  In all, the bag will work great for shopping, craft supplies, picnic, or for carrying to the office.

DSC_0062I used some snazzy, heavy-duty hardware for the strap.  All seams are hand sewn and stress points riveted.

DSC_0061The new owner insisted on a bottle strap inside which I sized to fit a 750 ml canteen or a standard wine bottle.  Great idea to add versatility.

DSC_0063Off to it’s new home.  A bag like this will last for a lifetime of hard use and will only get better with age.

On a similar theme, here’s the post about the haversack I made for myself a little while back:


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