Bicycle Powered Micro Vardo

A very interesting vardo build by artist Barry Howard.  He created a guest post on Tiny House Talk earlier this summer to discuss his ultra-light, fold-down, micro vardo to tow behind his bike.  It provides about 12 square feet (1.1 square meters) which is about the minimum needed for an average size human or two to sleep.  As an artist, he uses it for carrying art supplies, transporting his finished paintings, and as a bedroom.  With a fold down table inside, it provides a place out of the weather and a table outside to cook on.


I’ll bet he gets even more gawkers than us gas powered travelers.


Note the standard mounted bottle opener.  No self respecting vardo traveler is without one.


Great details in the paint, and even a stained glass window.  I wish I had these skills myself.

bikevardo3I love the mini mollycroft.  It gives it a very classy look.

foldingCreating a folding box like this adds a real degree of difficulty, especially while keeping it lightweight.  He seems to have manged it beautifully.


Folded, it presents a low profile for less wind resistance and a low center of gravity.

Visit Barry Howard’s Facebook page for more photos or check out his blog to see what  he’s up to with his very cool vardo.

Click the self portrait
to visit the Aimlessly Wandering Artist’s blog.

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