Mick’s Bowtop Progress

Mick’s bowtop is coming along nicely, and has even hit the road for an extended camping trip.  The canvas cover is attached but, unlike it’s historical cousins, there is wood all the way around the roof for strength and security.

DSC_0862Mick’s cabinet-making skills are paying off in the details including the hand-built bay window, dutch door, and drawers.

DSC_0863The photos hardly do it justice as there is great detail in every part of the construction.

DSC_0864From the arched moulding to the compound angles in the stairs, great thought has gone into each step of the construction.

DSC_0866A combination of woods gives a great look and feel to the interior.


DSC_0867Curved seat backs counter the arch of the roof for a unique look and feel in the interior.


DSC_0870The home stretch is in the details of shelving and other storage; a problem not made easier by the curved walls but will create a wagon that is a work of art as much as a home on the road.


Visit the build here to see more: http://vrdomayneac-trailerbuild.blogspot.com/

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