Touring the Oregon Coast

It was great to escape the heat, dust, and chaos that is my normal life these days.  Oregon was everything I hoped for and more.  The Pacific air brought back many good memories and made me yearn again to live near this amazing coast.

102_0305The weather was perfect, the water was cold, and the seafood abundant.

102_0311My blood is too thick for the southern plains and this trip was an excellent respite from the drying winds of the Llano Estacado.

102_0331We spent three days just walking on the beaches and retreating to the woods to camp with little concern for the outside world.  The rest of the time we ventured around northwest Oregon and southwest Washington and just generally loafing about.

102_0348Debris from Japan was apparent on the shore and hinted at a tragic but interesting story.

102_0355It was great to travel with friends who know the region and could steer us in the right direction to get the most out of our short visit.


102_0369Twenty years ago I was certain that I would spend my life in the Pacific Northwest.  Events transpired, or failed to, to allow this to happen and I have been drifting in the west for a long time now.  Every time I see and smell the Pacific, I’m ready to settle down and grow some moss.

102_0377It is certainly a rugged beauty but in a bountiful land.

102_0378I will definitely be back.  Hopefully without too much delay.

4 thoughts on “Touring the Oregon Coast

  1. “Every time I see and smell the Pacific, I’m ready to settle down and grow some moss.” My sentiments exactly. Especially when the thermometer is pushing 105 here in Texas. I’d love to take the same trip.

  2. Moved to Oregon from LA more than 40 years ago. Love it here in the Pacific NW for all the reasons you so eloquently state. If you’re around for a while, try to go visit central and north central Washington. Lake Chelan is awesome – the third deepest natural lake in the lower 48. More than 1500 feet (the bottom is below sea level) and 50 miles long. Access to the upper end by water and air only unless you want to hike in from the North Cascades. The mail boat travels up the lake every day.

  3. George, I’m glad you got to make the trip, have a great time. The coast looks much more interesting than the Atlantic here in N.C or S.C. My wife is just starting a long contract up in Vancover, I’m anxious to get to visit the Pacific North West later this year.
    Be safe, Craig

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