Paleolithic Diet Infographic


It’s a blatant promotion for the PaleolithicDiet and PaleoHacks but it’s still a well-done infographic.

5 thoughts on “Paleolithic Diet Infographic

  1. Well except for all the mistakes it sounds pretty good. 1) Diabetes is genetic you ewither have it or you do not. Eating a specific diet won’t give it to you or prevent it. If you do have diabetes a specific diet will reduce your symptoms and mitigate some of the worst problems of diabetes. The reason it “appears” that there are more diabetics today then there were in the past is first of all half of the people with diabetes don’t know it and discover it in their 20’s and 30’s. So health care professionals have made a greater effort to identify people with diabetes earlier when more can be done to prevent the symptoms from getting worse. But of course discovering more of the unknown cases “looks like” an increase in the diabetes rate.
    2) In the 90’s health care changed the definition of overweight and obese and with that simple change half of all Americans suddenly became either overweight or obese without having gained a single pound.
    3) Obesity is genetic, you get it from your parents not your food. You can eat a paleo diet or a junk food diet and it will make no difference. Your genes will make you fat and the only thing that can make an obese person lose weight and keep it off is a starvation diet. On the other hand thin people can pretty much eat whatever they want and stay thin. Your genese determine your weight and the age when your weight changes. Simple as that. There is a range and a person who works hard everyday may well weight 5%-10% less then they will if they quit working and sit on the couch for a year. So it is in fact normal for people to be at the high end of their genetically predetermined weight range if they do not work hard. No big deal.
    4) Celiac disease is genetic. Similar to an allergy. The food didn’t cause it the particular food you are allergic to results in symptoms.

    1. Windy7,

      I’ll give you this chance on the soapbox but I don’t agree. I know some of the paleodiet people are as unscientific as any other pop-culture authorities on health. Let’s think about this, not in a 21st century western sense but take a longer world-wide view. Massive obesity, type 2 diabetes, and lack of physical exercise is a very new thing to humanity (except to the super wealthy or powerful).

      1) Diabetes, do you have it? All the factors of type 2 diabetes are genetic, yes, in everybody. Would you know it without our high carb, low energy lifestyles before the age of 70? Probably not, as early medical data suggests. Populations can go to almost 100% diabetic with massive diet and exercise change as has been the case with certain Native American tribes. That is cultural, not genetic and can be caused by environmental/cultural factors including sedentism, poor diet, and alcohol.

      2) This is quibbling over semantics. The important factor is that the individuals weight has massively increased since records have been kept. Wherever you draw the imaginary lines, it has gone up.

      3) Obesity is NOT genetic, but some of the factors in obesity ARE. That is a cop-out of recent western society to assume the conditionality and the result are the same thing. We eat too many calories and do not move enough.

      4) Celiac is genetic and horrible. It can be almost completely controlled by diet through the elimination of certain recently added foods.

      Thanks for the comments.

  2. Well it does indeed relate to the paleodiet. The genetic trait that causes diabetes is less present in more modern societies where farming was common. Indeed a starchy diet would accelerate their diabetes if they had the gene and with no known treatment of it early death would have been common. Thus less likely to live to procreate and pass on their defective gene. A paleodiet more common in Indigenous societies would not have aggravated or accelerated their diabetes and they would be more likely to procreate and pass on the defective gene. This is why Indians, native South Americans, Australians and Native Africans have much higher rates of diabetes. About 15% or so of people of European descent have the diabetic gene. Most Indigenous cultures have 25% to almost universal in some cases. The confusion with diabetes is for most people the symptoms are quiet until their 20’s or 30’s. Then the symptoms prompt them to seek medical advice and a simple test discovers that they indeed have diabetes. So it’s no suprise and no great leap of logic to believe they did not have diabetes but then one day got diabetes. The second great leap of faith is since they were healthy once but now have diabetes what “caused” it and of course we all know junk food is bad for you and sugar is like poison so there it is; a scapegoat. If you live in a 3rd world country the progression is a little different. The poor diet hides the symptoms but the disease progresses and one day you die. No suprise most people in 3rd world countries die young and without doctors who knows why they died. So the stats show that diabetes is rare in these more or less Indigenous societies (since no one tracks it) and this just reinforces the belief that it must be the diet. Eat a basic diet with no sugar, starches, prepared foods and just like the 3rd world residents you will be diabetes free. A wonderful fairy tale and one that will get you killed. While I totally agree that for someone with diabetes diet is a key component to treating it. Where I disagree is that diet can prevent it. It is genetic pure and simple. You don’t catch it from soft drinks, white processed foods or sugar. If you have diabetes then you had it on the day you were born and it simply “progressed” until that day you finally went to the doctor and “discovered” that you had diabetes. The other side of that Indigenous people coin is that once they get “polluted” with a Western diet they “catch” diabetes. But of course it’s obvious they already had it and indeed the diet brought forth their symptoms sooner.

    So if all this is true why then do doctors (some doctors not all) continue to imply or outright claim that our crappy Western diet causes diabetes? Why indeed. well some are clueless (Dr Oz comes to mind). Some are intentionally misstating the facts because it keeps the money coming in for studying diseases like this. And some simply have their biases just like some people are biased about fad diets. Some brilliant Nobel prize winning scientists have been wrong and their biases blinded them, Linus Pauling is an example of this with his maga doses of vitamin C curing everything but gambling. He should have stuck to chemistry. Hey, there’s an idea; vitamin C might cure diabetes! Naw, never mind, that’s giving in to superstition based medicine.

    A better approach would be to test all children at younger ages. Especially people from Indigenous cultures and give them help at a younger age. And of course disseminate more factual science based information so people can make informed choices.

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