30,000 year old mammoth

A couple of months ago, Yevgeny Salinder, an 11 year old Russian boy, discovered a 30,000 year old mammoth thawing from the permafrost in the arctic Krasnoyarsk region. I have been hoping to hear more about this remarkable find but, of course, these things take time.


There is already some important information coming out about this find, including the discovery of large fat storage in the form of a hump on the mammoth’s back, confirming images from the Pleistocene depicting the humped back.  Previously the hump in the art work was attributed to large thoracic spines but now it seems to be more camel-like soft tissue.  Intact organs should tell us more about the animal and it’s environment than we have known.  As the Arctic ice recedes, it seems we will find more and more of these specimens being exposed.

Links to this story can be found here:





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