More Vardos

Here are a couple new Vardos found in the Arizona desert this February.

Jack’s wagon, nearly complete inside.  I helped him build the main structure in my driveway last summer and he has been trimming it out ever since.  It essentially the same design as mine (with a few logical improvements) and lengthened by two feet.

The portholes were purchased from a ship salvage company and add a cool nautical look.  This one is ten feet long (3 m) and feels very spacious inside.

Paul’s wagon is a beauty but I suspect weighs quite a bit.  The tandem trailer alone might outweigh my little rig.  This one is 14 feet (4.25 m) long and could host a small dance party inside.

The color scheme and interesting details really make this one stand out in the crowd.

14 thoughts on “More Vardos

  1. I was wondering if you knew more about your friends vardo that was built on the car hauler?? Thanks great website learning lots

      1. Nope sorry it’s the other one 14 feet long four wheels
        Thanks any ways sorry for the confusion

      2. Then it must be Paul’s vardo. His is pretty much what you see in the photos. A large, kite-shaped box with a bed and kitchen built in. It apparently weighs a LOT.

  2. Does he have a website or other pictures ofthis particular vardo as I’m thinking something like it would make an excellent fishing hut

    1. That would probably be a good guess but there are so many variables, including the stuff inside, that it would have to be weighed to be sure. If the vehicle pulls it without a problem, then it weighs little enough I guess.

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