Tool Museum

If you love beautiful tools (if you don’t, you should) there is a remarkable web page devoted to some remarkable historic tools.  I hope to see these in person someday.  I hope  I get to Michigan or find him on the road sometime.  He’s got a pretty amazing paint job on the trailer too.

Click the ship plane to open the museum in a new window.

I really like this drill.  I think I need to make one.

Thank to the Village Carpenter ( for having a link to the museum.

6 thoughts on “Tool Museum

  1. Wow…I love old handtools, I think I haven’t got enough of them, although I’ve probably got too many tools! That drill is a wonderful tool. Imagine a time when people took pride and the time to make implements like that. Puts our modern stuff to shame really, even if they are more “efficient”. I have been thinking for some time to make myself an old fashion tool box containing only old hand tools. I often see them in “antique” shop and think it’s a shame they don’t get used any more.

    Right, I am off to look at the museum. Thanks for pointing it out.

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