Handmade shoe links

Handmade and bespoke shoes have become an interest of mine over the years.  Starting with moccasins and graduating to other variation led me to the realization that even with a great deal of leather and sewing experience, shoemaking is a complex and underestimated art in our culture.  Of course, cheap shoes are readily available to just about any income level in the industrial world. But if you have moral objections to the devastating effects corporate shoe companies (not to mention the clothing industry in general) and like the idea of being able to provide well made shoes for yourself, there is at least some information available.  On that note, I am glad to keep finding more and more craftsmen making handmade shoes available.  Unfortuntely, many are prohibitively expensive for the average worker but hopefully more will become available as demand calls (or the international infrastructure collapses from its own greed).

This pair is made by a shoemaker in Mid Wales.  I have no idea of cost but all of her information is on her website.  The gallery shoes a good variety of stitch-down type shoes and an interesting design she calls a shandal. Click the image to navigate to her site in a new tab or window.

If you prefer more historical or high end classic designs Sarah Juniper makes everything from Roman Period through modern shoes and boots.  There are some great looking lasted boots and other fine shoes here.  Click around her website to find lots of good stuff.  I would love to learn from a master like Ms. Juniper.

NP Historical Shoes:  This couple makes beautiful historic shoes for reenactors in Europe.  Awesome work and very inspiring.

I think a look at simpler, pre-industrial shoes can help us who are struggling to relearn this uncommon art.

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