Bone fish hooks made in the last week.  I have made a few in the past but NEVER fished with them.  They are plentiful in Village contexts along the Missouri River, all over Europe, and many other contexts.  It seems to have taken several millennia in some areas to add barbs or drilled ends.   I will make a couple more styles and various sizes and hope to try out my kit sometime when I get back to water.  The cord is a two-strand agave made from only four individual elements.

10 thoughts on “Hooked

    1. I know! No scale! They are about 5 cm long (catfish-size). I need to make some smaller but first I’m copying some ocean-size ones from western Europe. Material is elk metacarpal.

  1. I think it has been done with varying degrees of success but I do not think it has been done with this high a class of people.
    Yes, Kate, katy, katie all the same. All dangerous but worth it.

      1. i think as a knitter and spinner i would qualify, eh? roaming and happiness and anarchy? great combination 🙂 i just don’t get the dangerous part. twokniveskatie? or just plain kate? i am a pussycat, either way. honest.

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