Leather Working Tote

I cleaned out my recently revamped tote that holds the my key leather working tools.  It was good to see the bottom of the box again and pull out the non-essential items.  The less used items have their own canvas tote bag of similar proportions. The above photo shows how the handle removes to access […]

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Antler and Bone

Despite my lack of free time currently, I have been re-inspired to get back to antler and bone as a medium for tool production.  My only issue with them is that they are enormously time intensive.  Even using a modern saw and occasionally a steel rasp these take a lot of energy to make.  However, […]

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Bone Sewing Needles (a brief history of…)

Originally posted on Rearview Mirror:
A set of bone needles from the Cave of Courbet in the Aveyron Valley, near Toulouse, France. Believed to be over 13,000 years old. Image: BBC Gallery The humble sewing needle needs no introduction. Everyone has likely seen one used or has used one to sew that damn hole in…

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Bone Fish Hooks


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Bone Point, Quebec

Bone point from Saguenay-Lac Saint Jean Region; Québec; Canada.  Probably very early 20th century. Advertisements

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  Bone fish hooks made in the last week.  I have made a few in the past but NEVER fished with them.  They are plentiful in Village contexts along the Missouri River, all over Europe, and many other contexts.  It seems to have taken several millennia in some areas to add barbs or drilled ends. […]

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