The Devil in the Details

The hearth area is starting to feel more organized as shelves and hooks find their place and uses.  The shelf above the stove is primarily a lantern spot with enough room to put a second next to it.  Not visible from this angle is the divider in the plate holder that can either hold a cutting board or more plates.  The lower right area is sized to hold olive oil bottles or tea tins.

This is a small bedside container for keeping wallet, glasses, keys or a book.  I think as the wagon gets more use, there will be many more small additions like this.


About George Crawford

archaeologist, archer, primitive technologist, and wannabee musician ... mostly
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2 Responses to The Devil in the Details

  1. Mick R says:

    very nice…is that aromatic cedar by the bed?

  2. paleotool says:

    Yes, I used some 1/4″ cedar and pine to line portions of the walls. Cedar seemed nice for the area around the bed.

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