Wooden Spear

I am double posting this from my professional blog because I think it is really remarkable.  A cave find from southeast New Mexico.

From time to time, we receive donations from private individuals.  After a few phone calls back and forth, I arranged to meet with someone who wanted to show me a dart she had found in a cave when she was young.  We have agreed to accept this remarkable find and intend to display it in the near future.  The preservation is beautiful, although it has apparently been handled over many years.  There was apparently a spear-thrower (atlatl) found with the dart but it was unfortunately lost in a house fire.

Click the image for a larger version
foreshaft separated


The foreshaft/point is hardwood and fits into a socket.  the hind shaft is split in order to contract when seized with sinew (still attached.  The barb is lashed on with more sinew.  I will put more description and better photos when I get time.

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