Caravans for Christ

It seems only natural that evangelical ministers would take to the caravan as a way to bring the Gospel to the people.  Christianity is a missionary religion after all.  The caravan served as a sort of home base for missionaries and a vicarage for ministers, even being outfitted with a harmonium (pump organ) in some cases.

Like hawkers of more earthly wares, church denominations competed for trade by using their wagon walls as billboards.

Anyway, here’s another aspect of the caravan life we don’t often see.

Some could now claim that the whole world was their parish.

Finally, the FORTS.  A concept of the Salvation Army to travel the countryside, gathering pledges of abstinence and converting the destitute.  Definitely the forerunner of the  modern fifth-wheel camper.

The schematics of "The Fort" from Gypsies and Gentlemen by Nerissa Wilson.
The schematics of “The Fort” from Gypsies and Gentlemen by Nerissa Wilson.


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