Travel Essentials

This is part of an ongoing theme to document travel and camping gear that has served me over the years.  These will be mirrored on the Traveler’s Gear page as I get them up. As a traveler, primitive technologist, peaceful survivalist, affected provincial,  long-time Idler, and sometime field scientist I find the necessity for a […]

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Learn them, use them.  I understand that some folks are topologically challenged but knots are always a great skill to have under one’s belt.  Learn ’em.  Have someone teach you.  Carry a bit of rope and practice until they come naturally.  Teach your kids!  I suggest learning the dozen or so from the Boy Scout […]

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Chert Bifaces

Some mighty fine heat-treated biface preforms ready for general use or to be made into something a little more refined. Source material from the St. Louis area, Burlington chert. Thanks Larry!

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Ultra Minimalists, Part 1

Learning a thing or two from the past…Part 1, 21st century americans are not the first to minimalize. This is a lengthy ramble.  So long in fact, that I have broken it into several posts to be trickled out over the coming days, weeks, or months.  Skip on to the fun stuff if you aren’t […]

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I just found out I don’t really have hobbies… Just Post-Apocalyptic life-skills. I think this makes me happy.

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Making Candles

I use beeswax for many purposes; as a base for wood polish, waterproofing leather, soap, & etc.  After a longish power-outage this summer, I realized my candle stock has been depleted over the last few years.  I foolishly bought some paraffin candles for cheap, but they have a horrific chemical scent.  Beeswax candles give off […]

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