Caravan; life in the little green vardo

After a little over a week traveling across the country in the new and improved vardo I want to share a few unedited and unstaged photos of life in the caravan. I am still pleased with almost every aspect of the Little Green Vardo, even after 29,000 miles. More of my work can be found … Continue reading Caravan; life in the little green vardo

Tiny House for Film Stars

Here is a wonderful tiny home with Clark Gable and Joan Crawford eyeing each other up on the front porch.  It appears to be strapped to a regular flatbed trailer, presumably for delivery to its final destination. There is nothing new under the sun. Found here but the site is sadly defunct now:

Real World Construction

I saw this on Tumblr and absolutely couldn't pass it up.  All I can find about this image is that it comes from the famous Farm Security Administration photos documenting the depression. This appears to have started life as another wagon, maybe even a delivery van or bus but has been repaired beyond recognition.  I … Continue reading Real World Construction

The Simplest Accommodation

From the Oregon State University Archives: Camp Cart, Showing Bed Image Description from historic lecture booklet: "Carpenter in his geographical reader thus describes this kind of wagon: 'What is that squealing outside the market? It sounds like a pig in the hands of a butcher. They surely cannot kill hogs here in the midst of … Continue reading The Simplest Accommodation