Terrapin, a New Caravan Design From Casual Turtle

aThere’s a new edition to the fleet of designs coming from Peter Pavlowich at Casual Turtle Campers.  The unique, curved roof lines really make his work stand out in the crowd and I’m glad to see it again in his newest model.  For me, this design melds the aesthetics of the early motor caravans with modern tastes.

1-DSCN0332It’s a simple cabin design with a convertible table top bed setup that looks like it will work great for one or two people and answers all the basic needs of shelter on the go.

a.JPG_6I heard from Peter (the owner and builder of Casual Turtle) last week and I think he can describe it best:

“Hey George-I thought I’d pass along a few shots of a recent build.  This one was for a gentleman here in Colorado – the model I call the Terrapin.  We went with a pretty full interior arrangement on this one.  He opted for no painted surfaces (which I usually do), so we incorporated several different species on the cabin’s interior – oak, birch, cedar, and beetle-killed ponderosa pine – so it wasn’t a one-tone wood overload.   It weighed in at 1,300 lbs, max headroom around 5’9″, and it goes down the highway just great.”

eIt’s compact, lightweight, and is filled with windows to enjoy the great outdoors in any weather.  It would be great to see this after the new owner settles in, decorates it to his personal taste, and gives it a “lived-in” look after a few thousand miles.


“Casual Turtle Campers was founded on the belief that wood is good, small can be comfortable, and that there is still room for simplicity in this increasingly complex world. “

l k jI enjoy the simplicity of this design.  It reminds me a bit of the “canned ham” campers of the 1950s and is not overly complicated by cabinetry and appliances.  The wood exterior fits in with the natural world in a way that shiny, white aluminum could never do, making it seem more at home in the woods than in the RV park.  This would make a perfect base camp for hunting, fishing, or just gazing at the mountains.

oHere’s a little about Peter and his company from his web page:

“The idea for Casual Turtle Campers was conceived by Peter Pavlowich in the summer of 2010. On a road trip to Colorado, he noticed an abundance of truck campers but a profound lack of variety or style.  As a Wood Construction and Design graduate from the University of Idaho, he believed he could design and build a simple and attractive alternative to the big, heavy, white boxes that he seemed to see everywhere. Over the next few years, Peter slowly and methodically brought together ideas and drew up plans for what would eventually become the designs for Casual Turtle Campers.

He very happily lives in Fort Collins, Colorado with his wife, Lindsey, and their dog/shop foreman, Moxie.  We love when people stop by – just get in touch!”

Have a look at this and his other work by clicking the link below. Tell him I sent you!  It’s not really worth anything but tell him anyway.  GTC.



“I had to go alone…a kind of casual turtle carrying his house on his back.” -John Steinbeck, from Travels With Charley.

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