A Convergence

 This is part of a series of images, mostly Romany, Irish and Scottish Travellers collected from around the internet.  Many of these historic images found on the web are without citation.  When a clear link to a source is found, I try to include it.  If a source is known, please pass it on and …


Home is the Hearth

Some important facts about caravan living before the ultra-modern RVs came along that may help people understand some of the choices I have made about my own wagon: The caravan is the hub around which camp is built, but most "living" actually takes place outside in the wide world.  Sometimes this means tents or other …


A nice bowtop wagon from Traveller Dave's website.  There are many "real" living wagons and rolling homes there in case you are in need of inspiration. I like the window but the builder in me sees it as a sure source of leaks.