A Convergence

This is part of a series of images, mostly Romany, Irish and Scottish Travellers collected from around the internet.  Many of these historic images found on the web are without citation.  When a clear link to a source is found, I try to include it.  If a source is known, please pass it on and I will gladly include it or remove it if necessary.

2 thoughts on “A Convergence

  1. This photo looked like Yarm High Street, where there is still a gypsy fair every year, so I looked for it on Streetview. The High Street has seen many changes since I knew it over 40 years ago, and this photo is probably about 80 years old, If you use Google Yarm, North Yorkshire, the buildings are towards the north end of the High Street, on the west side,
    From the left, the two buildings with a gabled rooflight are now pale blue,and white (Marina). the next is brick (Jules J) then the group of three taller ones are white, brick and white. The archway suggests a one-time coaching inn and the last building is still a house as many of these may have been originally.
    Fascinating to find they are still there and relatively untouched as there has been a lot of ‘refurbishment’ along the rest of the High Street.since I knew it.
    Google Yarm Fair for more images old and new.

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