Horn tooting

I am excited to say that I did indeed win the Grand Prize from Instructables and Popular Mechanics in the woodworking contest for my vardo/wagon.  I have to admit that it is not the finest woodworking I've ever done, but is possibly the most complex and required the most consideration of layout, weight, and durability.  … Continue reading Horn tooting

Test Run

Just returned from a 10 state 3400 mile shakedown run with the little Snail.  Fortunately, about 2/3rds of the trip was work-related so not all of the expense was mine.  Lots of ideas for finishing out the wagon over the winter. Click the photo for the Vardo page.

Some new vardo pictures

I put up a few pictures of the nearly finished vardo.  Of course, there are many little things I still plan to do and add, the basic wagon is livable now.  I hope to eventually find a smaller stove to fit as this one could easily get too hot for the space it's in. Also, … Continue reading Some new vardo pictures

Another Modern Wagon

Another take on the modern Gypsy Wagon.  I suspect it is very heavy but looks to be very large and accommodating as well.  Lots of decorative details. http://www.wanderingbookartists.blogspot.com/ They are also fine craftsmen and artists.  Check out their site.

N55 Walkinghouse

N55 is a group of artists and designers who have some interesting ideas.  I have been interested in the Walkinghouse since I first saw it.  Here is a link to its "manual" and here is a video of it walking in Copenhagen.  I selfishly wish they were doing this somewhere closer to me.  While on … Continue reading N55 Walkinghouse

On the Road

This was our trial run of the nearly finished vardo.  I had to stop tinkering long enough to pack it up and get ready to head out. Packed for camping and ready to leave. I should find a way to better secure the steps as the steep mountain grades caused some movement. Taller tires have … Continue reading On the Road

Vardo Table

Third try is the best.  After trying two other solutions for the table front, this is what I decided upon.  Oak with a simple brass sash pull.  Not very exciting I know, but still an important detail. The two visible screw heads will be plugged to hide them better.  I just haven't made it that … Continue reading Vardo Table

Some Vardo and Sheepherder Links

After several requests for information, here is a short list of inspirational sites found on the web. Romany Style Wagons - Romany Road Gypsy caravan Gypsy Vans by Roth Photos Tinker's Wagon pictures from friends & fun photos on webshots Two New Gypsy Waggons pictures from horses photos on webshots Gypsy Caravans from The Gypsy … Continue reading Some Vardo and Sheepherder Links