Improving on a Design

I decided that my kit bags, although nearly perfect for their function, could use a little more room. Outdoorsmen and women can never have too many nooks and crannies about themselves to store little necessities. With this in mind, I have made the bellows sides bigger to accommodate about an inch in thickness. It might not sound like much but it does add up as survival gear can be a very fluid thing.

Fire Kit Complete

This is a traditional fire kit with TINDERBOX, FLINT, and FIRE STRIKER. This handmade leather belt pouch is constructed from 7 oz veg tanned cowhide and closes with a vintage pewter button. The pouch measures approximately 5 x 3 inches and bellows out approximately 1 inch (interior). The pouch is hung from a belt loop that will accommodate a 2 1/2″ belt.

The FIRE STEEL is a collaboration with my good friend Eric at Colonial Iron. It is hand forged high-carbon steel and sparks beautifully. I am including a flint blade made from Knife River Flint (North Dakota). The sheet metal TINDER BOX is a mint tin that is perfectly sized for the job of making and storing charred cloth or punkwood.

The body of the bag is double needle saddle stitched sewn freehand using yellow saddle thread. The bag has been treated with dubbin (beeswax – neatsfoot oil formula made here in the shop). The pouch works well independent of the kit if you carry the fire kit in your pack.

This is a handmade item so please look carefully at the photos for details of the construction and appearance.

This kit is currently available in my Etsy Shop:

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