Ghillie Shoe Class

Here are some throwback photos from Ghillie shoe making classes from 2009 and 2011.  The first pair is from a small class at the Bois d’Arc Rendezvous in southwest Missouri (note the lush green of late summer).  Maybe not as sexy as the arrow-making class but it is a very real and useful skill.  I have been honing the teaching method since I was taught how to fit and make these back in 1986.

DSC_0145 (7)

One of the appeals this design has for many people is that they require very little sewing.  If you don’t work with leather regularly, stitching can be intimidating.  Some careful cutting and you can make some stylish shoes in a short time.

DSC_0144 (11)

An hour of work and you’re ready to walk the world. More importantly, with the knowledge in your head you can always make more and keep right on walking.

Winter Count, Maricopa, Arizona 2011.


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