Another Shanty Boat

Charleston, West Virginia 1938.  Source: River Towns and River Boats Facebook Group.

In the 1920s and 1930s, housing and land was expense and out of reach of most working folks.  Prior to the modern loan system, real estate was bought with all or most of the capital up-front.  Lower expectations about utilities and amenities made shanty boat living an inviting prospect, especially in river towns with decent weather much of the year.  All that was needed was a secure and safe place to moor your boat.

4 thoughts on “Another Shanty Boat

  1. I love houseboats…!!!…Some of my fondness memories as a child is staying and/or living on one…
    This culture of “water living” on coastal estuaries, bayou and the banks of rivers and lakes seems to have a global affinity within our species. One can go (still today) and find these aquatic people living the same lives well tethered to their environment and each other collectively…Great snapshot George of this history…Hope you’re mending well…

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