Three Million Views

I guess it’s time to celebrate…

Sometime yesterday this blog surpassed three-million views.  I am both astonished and grateful.  I have often thought of just shutting down the page as a closed chapter in my life but I do enjoy writing and sharing some of my nonsense with anyone out there in the wide world who wants to read.  It is often a conversation.

Honestly, I have no idea why this number should be a milestone, it just seems like a good excuse to celebrate on a cold a dreary day.

So, for everyone who has stopped by, read a bit, and maybe even given some feedback in the form of clicking “like” or commenting on a post, I thank you.  I have gotten to know quite a few people through these rambles and probably given away more of myself than I ever intended.

Your feedback is always appreciated.

14 thoughts on “Three Million Views

  1. wonderful! i was thinking i was one of a select few but obviously not! your blog is full of inspiration and interest- hope you never stop writing it.

  2. 1. Congratulations!

    2. So cool to see you use a moving image of Josephine Baker for your Happy Meme!

    3. Congratulations a second time.

    All the best,

    Bill Gwaltney

    1. Likewise as to the conversations Jay! I have made some friends and great connections because of the blog and that is one of the things that keeps me here. People really share a lot of themselves because a post or thought really strikes them. I have had people track me down through email, late-night phone calls, and even find me in person (that was weird).

  3. Well played sir, well played. I’ll be sure to bow with proper deference next time we cross path…ha!

    But yep, I’ve been lucky to experience your rambling BS live, and seeing you on the interwebs in between.

    I owe you a drink…or several

  4. Congratulations! I truly enjoy your blog. I consider your vardo a great example of functional simplicy. Very well thought out and executed. It’s a classic! My vardo is still in the planning / dreaming stage, however, as I search for ideas I invariably return to your design as “the way it should be done.” Thanks George.

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