Reading Hardware No. 78 Apple Parer

Autumn is here…

Reading 78 Apple Parer

From the 1885 Reading Hardware catalog.  Manufactured through 1993 and brought back into production shortly thereafter by Lehman’s.  I grew up using one of these. Now, it looks like something a Steampunk engineer would create to use as many moving parts as possible.  It was a more interesting kitchen in those days and I think you’d only need to buy one of these about every three or four generations.

From the most recent Lehman’s catalog:

  • Total number of cast iron, cast bronze or steel pieces Per Apple Peeler: 31
  • Holes Drilled: 22
  • Holes Tapped: 10
  • Number of Assembly Steps: 44 (From start to packed in box)
  • Time it takes to Make One Apple Peeler: 48 Minutes
  • Our craftsman can make about 50 per week

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