Making a Pack Basket

From one of my new favorite blogs Running With Sheep.  Johan and Sanne are a couple of remarkable outdoors – bushcraft – survival enthusiasts with more than a touch of philosophy thrown in.


Their most recent project shows how to convert a run-of-the-mill thrift store find into a functional pack basket.  From what I can tell, they are adept leather workers so their skill shows in this project.  Re-using found objects is an excellent way to economize both money and time, especially if it is something outside your skill set or craft specialty.


Pack baskets are light and strong and a perfect choice for hauling anything from food to dirt.  Prehistoric people used them for everything, and the solid structure makes them useful even when not carried on the back (most of the time).


If you can cut a few straight lines, do some minimal sewing, and hammer a rivet, this project is for you.  For the complete post, head over to Running With Sheep to learn more.  I suspect you’ll want to stay a while and catch up on their other posts as well.


DIY Pack Basket:

3 thoughts on “Making a Pack Basket

  1. Hi George,

    Thank you so much for the kind words and sharing our blog (twice even! :)).
    We came across your blog while looking one of our next DIY projects, a primitive backpack. So it was an amazing find to see our story being shared by you! This Saturday morning we spend reading your blog, and especially the micro home build articles.

    The search of a handmade life, is something we resonate with deeply. We will definitely continue following your journey. If you ever want to get in touch, you know where to find us!

    Kind regards and all the best,

    Sanne & Johan

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