Victory Gardens

Springtime is just around the corner.  Now that we’re in a more hospitable growing environment, I feel obligated to get a better garden growing.  Of course, it is some work but the payoff, even for a small garden more than justifies the effort.

It’s always a good time to grow food.

In times of crisis, it is wise to have a bit laid aside.  Try canning and preserving if you have never done so.  It’s easy and rewarding throughout the year.






2 thoughts on “Victory Gardens

  1. Love the poster, love the message. If we get a winter storm warning, the grocery shelves are void of bread and milk within hours. Recently in our area when the power went out, most of the town drove to the restaurants near the interstate because they could not feed themselves at home. Personally, we fire up the grill and eat well from our stocked pantry, cupboards, and freezer….and I admit it, we gloat!

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