Ana White and Some Truly Brilliant Ideas

Someone recently shared this house with me and I’ve seen her (Ana White’s) work popping up all over the Internet lately.  Ana White uses readily available materials to create some genius storage and living solutions for small homes.  These could easily be applied in many other situations in order to make the most of any space.  It rings well with me because it is all-purpose made to fit the space and needs of the occupant; not just an off-the-shelf one-size-fits-most approach.  Here is a tour of her recent work and I suggest visiting her website for a load of other great ideas, including many plans.

Ana White

The table versatility is particularly smart and functional.  This would be handy in an office or bedroom as well.  The video has a lot of good ideas for builders.

And finally, on her Brag Board, she has many other interesting projects to check out as well including a lot furniture ideas like this clever storage bed shown below.




2 thoughts on “Ana White and Some Truly Brilliant Ideas

  1. Quite like Ana White’s ideas and her YT series about building a previous tiny house is quite instructive. Seems that Alaska’s remoteness and cultural acceptance of dry houses and outhouses forces innovations. Stumbled on to this Japanese builder of tiny houses this week and his light, beautiful designs brought your vardo to mind.

    NZ’s Living Big in a Tiny House has a great interview with a couple living in the medium Baske-T and promises a forthcoming interview with the designer/carpenter. Check out the lightweight Al-Ko trailer especially. I haven’t been able to determine if those are available in the US.

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