Live Well

“God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well.”

Voltaire was on to something there.  Here is a very inspirational family making good in the wilds of Wisconsin.  I would love to see more as they sound like some truly genuine artisans and keep craftsmanship alive in this consumer era.

I want to continue being inspired by people like this with positive spirits and keeping an eye on the important things in life.  Feel free to submit links like this or comment if you have feeling about a handmade life.


And don’t forget to check out their own web-page, photos, and blog by clicking the image below.


2 thoughts on “Live Well

  1. Very nice work, I have a friend locally, in Mikado, MI who teaches workshops in a number of things including building Birch Bark Canoes. His place is called Willow Winds. Jim Miller. A real artisan.

  2. Too much ‘fixing’ things right now, no time for making.
    Always time for slow food, roasting coffee and visiting friends (George).
    I seem to find enough time to read this Paleotool Blog, and follow the links to…….
    The first seed catalog showed up about 3 weeks ago and I was at a seed exchange in Las
    Cruces on the 16th. Spring.

    The goal is fewer things of better quality. Local artisans rule.

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