Detailed to the Last Dollar


Not a pretty little Victorian-style caravan here today but a sturdy, well-thought-out modern living accommodation for someone looking to escape the mortgage anchor most of us have felt.

Here is an extremely well-documented van conversion into a very frugal but comfortable micro house created in 38 days from 2014-2015.  Sean (the builder) has done a remarkable job of tracking nearly every aspect of this life-changing event from the decisions that made this happen, to getting rid of everything that didn’t work in his 60 square foot dream, to purchasing and building his version of the perfect live-in rolling home.  There’s even a downloadable spreadsheet of the expenses incurred and great details for those seeking some real “how-to” guidance.

Sean’s blog takes us from the emptying and selling of THIS:


To the purchase and planning of THIS:

And through the entire build and beyond:


It’s a remarkable journey and I thank him for sharing this with the world.  If you don’t have time or want just a quick overview, watch the short video:

And the entire write-up can be found here at:

F*ck the Banks, I’ll Build My Own Damn House



2 thoughts on “Detailed to the Last Dollar

  1. Went to his website. Much too complicated. He essentially crammed our entire expensive techno-culture into an equally expensive van. The same problem that permeates the so-called Tiny House Movement. I will take Harlan Hubbard’s “Shantyboat” instead.

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