Even More About Sheep Wagons!

A Tumblr follower spotted my interest in sheep wagons and other classic mobile lifestyles.  They sent me this excellent link to a short (20 minute) documentary from faircompanies.com.  It’s a nice overview of sheep wagon design old and new by a couple making and selling old-fashioned Sheep Camps.

And here are a few older posts I’ve made about the American sheep wagons.  They’re all you need out here in the west.  Click the photos to learn more.

A Sheep Wagon in a Modern Setting
Growing Up in a Sheep Wagon
A Sheepherder Wagon Community
Sheep Camps are Alive and Well in the West

Have a look at a little bit of nearly lost American history.


3 thoughts on “Even More About Sheep Wagons!

  1. First is that link to Old Picture of the Day Blog. That used up most of a day and now
    sheep wagons. At least it is a cold, wet, windy day here on the border.
    I love sheep wagons.

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