Bois d’Arc Primitive Skills Gathering and Knap-In

BoisdarcA fun and relatively tame primitive technology event for a good price located in southwest Missouri put on by good friends of mine.  Here’s some information from their website:

This unique event has two parts – a free knap-in/native arts-crafts show starting Thursday, with top-notch knappers, artists, and crafters from a 20-state area making and selling their work. In the Workshop Area starting Friday, a pool of some of the area’s finest instructors offer workshops on various wilderness skills and crafts. You can learn the survival skills of our ancestors, and in many classes, take home a completed project. 

Overnight camping and vendor-knapper setup – $5/night, a limited number of electric sites available on a first-come basis – $15/night. If you arrive before Wednesday, leave camping fee in the deposit box, Wednesday and after, please pay at the Registration Booth. Food Concession provided by the Dade County Historical Society.

Admission to the Workshop Area – $60/day or $150/3 days:

Get your hands on it, and learn with some of the finest primitive skills instructors in the midwest!

Below is a partial list of workshops available – the list may change to to instructor availability, check registration for an updated schedule.

  • Friction Fire
  • Flintknapping
  • Flute-making
  • Basketry and Pottery
  • Deadfall Traps
  • Pine Pitch and Hide Glue
  • Pump Drills
  • Bow and Arrow Construction
  • Atlatl Construction
  • Bone Tools
  • Tracking and Trailing
  • Primitive First Aid
  • Bowls & Containers
  • Knife Sharpening
  • Primitive Cooking
  • Braintan Buckskin Hide Tanning
  • Buckskin and/or Cattail Moccasins
  • Cordage & Netting
  • Shelter
  • Rivercane Blowguns
  • Edible, Medical Useful Plant Identification
  • Edible Insects and much more!



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