Our Resolutions for Retirement: Six Habits to Kick When You Escape (that you can start right now!)

Some great advice from a couple heading for early retirement. They have a great blog and give some good, down-to-earth advice. Here are a few tips in today’s post.

  1. Stop sleeping with the phone right next to the bed.  The phone is a tool, not your jailer.
  2. Get dressed in the morning.  Just because you aren’t going to work, you can still put in a little effort to get dressed for the day.  This sets the mood that you may actually DO something.  And for everyone’s sake, don’t go shopping in your pajamas!
  3. Stop treating lunch like a frantic scramble.  Despite the feelings of guilt dished out by bad employers, you deserve a break once in a while.  Enjoy your time because life is short.
  4. Stop eating at your desk.  Again, get out.  Take break.  You are not a prisoner.
  5. Stop waking up at unreasonable hours. This is hard to avoid, but waking up to your own rhythm is something we can all benefit from.  Electricity, artificial lighting, internet, and television encourages us to stay up too late for our schedules.  Get some sleep!
  6. Stop neglecting fitness.  This should go without saying.  However, many of our jobs either hurt us by giving us too little activity or beat us up through tough repetitive movements.  When we get home, it’s too easy to lay down, have a cocktail, snack, eat, and recuperate from the day.  Find time to treat yourself right.

ALL GREAT ADVICE.  Read the rest and much more at the “Our next life“.

Our Next Life

happy monday, friends! anyone else hoping for a less volatile stock market week? we’d love to just coast into labor day weekend without thinking about the markets. let’s see if we’re so lucky! and now for our regularly scheduled blog post…

lately we’ve been noticing more of the bad habits that are part of our lives because of work, the things that would otherwise be invisible to us if we weren’t paying attention. work is in a busy period for both of us at the moment (don’t our clients know it’s august?!), so we’re spending even more time than usual daydreaming about what life will be like when we can say sayonara once and for all to our careers. a top priority for us then will be to change our habits, replacing the bad ones with good, healthy ones.

but of course it’s so easy to be blind to our…

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