New and Improved

That’s the idea at least.  I have been diligently working to re-write the Vardo building pages in such a way as to make them a little more instructive.  The benefit of hindsight has allowed me to address issues that seem to be common questions.  I kept the comments in place (I hope) as they provide a lot of information and discussion from over the years.  Over the next few days I intend to keep adding photos.  Please feel free to comment, question, or point out any obvious typos or other errors.

overviewClick the preview image to go the the first page of the re-write.  More pages will be published as I get the images and text in place.  Also I would deeply appreciate it if readers could share this in appropriate media with links back to the blog.

Cheers! ~GTC


About George Crawford

archaeologist, archer, primitive technologist, and wannabee musician ... mostly
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4 Responses to New and Improved

  1. Keith Levy says:

    Wonderful George. I’ve been going to do a feature post on you and your vardo for some time… I will now wait a little longer for all the material to be available.

  2. Brian says:

    Awesome sir! Thanks for bringing all of the collective posts of the vardo evolution build together. I keep planning a build in my head…someday…and your’s is the definitive source in my mind (and I’ve been researching and designing vardo trailers for 10 years).

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