Maybe it’s time to institute Highlander Art Mondays for a while.

Farquharson, an illustration by R.R. McIan.

From James Logan’s The Clans of the Scottish Highlands, published in 1845.  Great kilt, bill staff, and some fine pampooties.

3 thoughts on “Farquharson

  1. Good fun art, bad history. This was published deep in the heart of Highland Hooey. The pole arm is a particularly delicate Lochaber axe. I enjoy yer blog daily. I particularly enjoyed your “junk on the bunk display from a few days back.

    1. I think most of McIan’s images are highly romanticized hooey. I hope they don’t offend but must historical depictions in art, movies, documentaries are bad approximations at best. As an anthropologist/archaeologist I flinch at just about every depiction of early tools, methods, clothes, etc.

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