by John Pettie, 1877

2 thoughts on “Disbanded

  1. Haunting! Is he fleeing from the battle of Culloden? He appears to be looking over his shoulder in fierce disgust at pursuers as he treads uphill into the misty crags. The Highland clearances? The gun, footwear, and swords would inform an expert re the historic period unless the painting is impressionistic. Did the Jacobites wear red coats like the one in this warrior’s kit or is that a bit of battlefield loot? I like that this fighting man is depicted as lean and hard—-you don’t get fat on a combat ration of oatmeal and dried haddie whilst sleeping on the ground. Thanks for this. I fwd it to some other retired Marines and SF types who also love it. (Sean Leach. Cody, WY.)

    1. I know nothing about this image other than I love it. To me it is obviously a soldier from a disbanded regiment wandering home, or at least away from the front. Pettie seemed to like scenes about conflict and tension and painted snapshots of history do an image search for his paintings. You’ll probably love them. I have a few more to put up here soon.

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