The Heritage Hipster

Ha! “Lumbersexuals” and “Urban Woodsmen.” Finally some proper names for this “new” fashion trend. We dressed like this in high school and still do whenever we can. The only difference is the new hipsters actually compliment us on our Pendleton shirts and Redwing boots.


Haha, I’ll have to think about this took me kind of by surprise yesterday, while I was observing an emerging “Charro”, or Mexican Cowboy fashion trend here in Mexico (more in a future post).

Even though the recently coined “Lumbersexual” and “Urban Woodsman” shows that this aspirational fashion is also coming to a head, I think such fashions are also a reflection of some very significant social changes in developed and affluent societies.


The Heritage Hipster Matrix Via Ouno Design



And I should be the first to admit that I was also a Heritage Hipster once.


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2 Responses to The Heritage Hipster

  1. pjsandchocolate says:

    Only if your Redwings are spotless. If it looks like you actually use them, then you’re not fashionable. 😉

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