Lightweight Touring Caravan Design from the 19th Century

From Caravanning and Camping-Out by J. Harris Stone 1914.

Here’s a great design from the late nineteenth century.  I could not find an associated photo for the finished caravan but there are a couple of innovations I will want to include in the future.  I believe this wagon was about 12 feet long overall and is a nice setup for 1-2 people.  The flap table makes for added floorspace when needed and there is ample storage both inside and out.  The tunnel locker under the bed is also a great idea that I thought was a recent invention.

A caravan with the ubiquitous storage tent.

This isn’t the same caravan but similar in size and design.  I really like the enormous opening at the front for ventilation.  Another innovation for the future.  Also, it’s good to keep in mind that there were normally a tent or two pitched with the van when parked for storage, dogs, kids, etc.  I thought this was a cop-out of mine but it seems I’m not the first to notice the extra space is a godsend on extended trips with more than one person.

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